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The Whitmore Group, Ltd. recognizes the challenges associated with the restaurant and hospitality industry, from potential lawsuits to property damage and theft. For this reason, we develop premier insurance plans, offering our clients protection from such possibilities. Each plan is tailored to accommodate individual client needs, since businesses, even those in the same industry, differ. We take pride in the quality of our services and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are more than happy with the coverage they receive.

Since The Whitmore Group’s establishment in 1989, our main objective was, and still is, to form relationships with our clients that feel more like partnerships, as we align goals and communicate with each other to stay on the same page. Our products and services in the restaurant and hospitality industry are of the same caliber as those we offer for clients in other industries. Working with us secures your business’ protection if ever an unfortunate event takes place.


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James Harnett

James Harnett, CPCU, RPLU

Senior Vice President, Commercial Lines / Division Manager
516.746.4141 ext. 132
Direct Line: 516.267.6132
Direct Fax: 516.750.6132

Steven J Parnes

Steven Parnes, CPA

Senior Vice President
516.746.4141 ext.188
Direct Line: 516.267.6188
Direct Fax: 516.750.6188

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Senior Vice President / Marketing Manager
516.746.4141 ext. 181
Direct Line: 516.267.6181
Direct Fax: 516.750.6181

Laura Emert

Laura Emert

Vice President / Commercial Lines
/ Unit Manager
516.746.4141 ext.125
Direct Line: 516.267.6125
Direct Fax: 516.750.6125

Jean Siry

Jean Siry, CPCU

Vice President / Commercial Lines
/ Unit Manager
516.746.4141 ext. 175
Direct Line: 516.267.6175
Direct Fax: 516.750.6175

Rob Pannell

Rob Pannell

Marketing Executive
516.746-4141 ext. 144
Direct Line: 516.267.6144
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Anthony L. Gurino

Managing Director
516.746.4141 ext. 182
Direct Line: 516.267.6182
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Vinnie Sombrotto

Vice President
516.746.4141 ext. 170
Direct Line: 516.267.6170
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Yolanda Garcia

Account Manager
516.746.4141 ext. 193
Direct Line: 516.267.6193
Direct Fax: 516.750.6193