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The Whitmore Group, Ltd. specializes in several areas, providing coverage to a wide range of clientele who own various types of businesses. One of our areas of expertise is the construction industry. We first focus on making sure we have an in-depth understanding of what is important to our clients, and then move forward with creating an insurance plan that addresses their concerns.

Whenever you own a business, having the right insurance plan is critical. At The Whitmore Group, we understand that finding an insurance agency that puts their clients first is not easy to come by, which is why we make it a high priority. We never take any client for granted and make sure that our services surpass those of other agencies. Besides being committed to our clients, The Whitmore Group is also known for having experience and expertise in the insurance field. We don’t just think about how we can help our clients today, but how we can help them in years to come.


George Custance

George Custance

516.746.4141 ext.169
Direct Line: 516.267.6169
Direct Fax: 516.750.6169

Mario Mione

Senior Vice President – Construction & Risk Management / Division Manager
516.746.4141 ext.198
Direct Line: 516.267.6198
Direct Fax: 516.750.6198

Peter Toth

Peter Toth

Senior Vice President / Construction & Risk Management / Unit Manager
516.746.4141 ext.154
Direct Line: 516.267.6154
Direct Fax: 516.750.6154

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Senior Vice President / Marketing Manager
516.746.4141 ext. 181
Direct Line: 516.267.6181
Direct Fax: 516.750.6181

Judith Moraglia

Senior Vice President / Construction & risk Management / Unit Manager
Office: 516.746.4141 ext. 194
Direct Line: 516.267.6194
Direct Fax: 516.750.6194

Rob Pannell

Rob Pannell

Marketing Executive
516.746-4141 ext. 144
Direct Line: 516.267.6144
Direct Fax: 516.750.6144


Anthony L. Gurino

Managing Director
516.746.4141 ext. 182
Direct Line: 516.267.6182
Direct Fax: 516.750.6182


Vinnie Sombrotto

Vice President
516.746.4141 ext. 170
Direct Line: 516.267.6170
Direct Fax: 516.750.6170

Colleen Farrell

Account Manager
Office: 516.746.4141 ext. 189
Direct Line: 516.267.6189
Direct Fax: 516.750.6189

Theresa Valencia

Account Manager
Office: 516.746.4141 ext. 127
Direct Line: 516.267.6127
Direct Fax: 516.750.6127

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