Insurance. It’s something every business and every individual needs to be successful.

Some might consider this a strange way to position insurance because, for many, it’s something they view as an obligation — something necessary, perhaps, but an obligation nonetheless. The brokers and advisors at The Whitmore Agency understand that insurance is part of your path to success because it erases the unknown, and mitigates the intangibles that might otherwise occupy your thoughts and keep you up at night.

Successful businesses and leaders require freedom—the freedom to maneuver and to pursue opportunities; the freedom to make decisions without being burdened by the unforeseen. A clear mind is a creative and productive mind, something we take seriously at Whitmore. That’s why our greatest joy in business is helping our clients clear the hurdles that might otherwise weigh them down so they are free to reach their personal and business potential.  Once our clients realize that their success is our success, they begin to see insurance in a whole new light. And that’s the moment that a transaction becomes a bond, and a client becomes a partner.

We’re in this together.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter coverage for our clients. Rather, every one of our relationships receives customized programs that take personal, business and economic circumstances into consideration. After all, insurance is there to protect you, not encumber you.

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Founded in 1989, The Whitmore Agency has steadily built our business beyond insurance brokering. Each of our managers is vital to the operation and structure of Whitmore. I invite you to review our website to learn more about us.



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